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Default March Madness and Covid-19

I was just looking over the brackets and I was wondering how the novel coronavirus Covid-19 might affect the NCAA basketball tournament.

Washington state is the epicenter for the virus in the United States, but every day cases are popping up all over, and I guarantee you that there are more cases than are publicly known because we are inexplicably not instituting widespread testing yet!

Just looking at the bracket, I see that first round games are set to be played in Spokane Washington. Are the powers that be really going to want teams and fans from all over the country to congregate in Spokane? Also, Florida is a hotspot for the virus and games are scheduled to be played in Tampa. In a couple of weeks, the virus will be more widespread, maybe by a couple of magnitudes, than it is now. There may be rumblings about moving/canceling games and/or playing games in empty arenas.

This is scary stuff and much bigger than basketball.

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