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Default Re: OU vs UTSA 7pm CST on Bally Sports +

Originally Posted by globecode View Post
Skyvue, I have never had Bally's channels on YTTV. I did have the old Fox Sports SW channels but just before the Bally's bought those channels they disappeared.

I don't subscribe to the Sports add on package though. Do you subscribe to that package?

Wichita, do you have a subscription somewhere that includes the Bally's channels? Usually in the app you can't actually get the game unless you have a TV sub account that includes the channels.
Yes, I have Cox cable and we do get the Bally channels in Wichita. Iím still holding out some hope that one of those channels will have the game on tonight, but wonít know till 7:00 since the program guide is rarely accurate when it comes to Bally. But youíre right, usually you need to have a tv account that includes the channels.
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