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Default Re: Strengths and Challenges

Originally Posted by Sooner04 View Post
The rotation will continue to shrink. You won't see any more of Merritt and Kuath's minutes will be dwindling quick. He doesn't know how to play basketball. He tries to block every shot and leaves us exposed on the weak side. We are at a massive disadvantage when he's on the floor.

PG: Harmon
G: Bienemy
G: Reaves
F: Manek
F: Doolittle

1. Williams
2. Iwuakor
3. Hill

That's it. Those are the eight. If we see any other guys on the floor against good, quality competition we're in a load of trouble.

Reaves is going to find himself in foul trouble due to his drives. He's an extremely smart player, and he sees the floor very well, but modern defense is all about dive bombing in front of drivers and drawing a charge. Warranted or not, he will not get every call. But I really like how he plays. He's a lot better when he's not settling for deep jumpers. He requires the defense to move a bunch.

Against poor offensive teams I'd like to see Williams continue to cherry pick. He could tell Missouri was rushing into bad shots the other night and he anticipated our rebounds very well. Those decisions led to two quick buckets and extended our lead.
Kuath is going to have to play. Has to get smarter.
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