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Default Re: Lon is 2-8 all time in the Big 12 Tourney

Originally Posted by SoonerTraveler View Post
Over an 8-year career at Oklahoma, Lon is 72-72 in conference games, and 2-8 in conference tournament games. That is mediocre. That is not the record of a great coach by Oklahoma standards (or any standards for that matter).
Yep. I like Lon, but over the last 3 years, I have really soured on the guy. He had a nice run in 15 and 16, but other than those two years.....we are a mediocre program under his direction. Outside of two seasons, his teams have stunk in the postseason.

Since we've all been told by several on this board that the influx of talent next year is going to make this a better team......then there had better damn well be some results. If we find ourselves in this same position next year (barely making the tournament/bubble team), then a change will be needed. No coach is bigger than the good of the program.
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