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Default Re: Rotnei Clarke may leave Arkansas; interesting tidbit about his recruitm

Originally Posted by seniorsooner View Post
I would take Cade Davis 7 days a week and twice on Sundays over Rotnei Clarke, I'm sorry.
Not me, and here is why.

No offense to Cade Davis, but OU should be able to recruit a player like Cade just about every single year. And if we go back to Kelvin's tenure at OU, I could probably prove that out. And probably Billy too. It shouldn't be "special" to have an OU player that plays hard, and leaves it all on the floor. It wasn't long ago, nearly all of them did that.

As for Rotnei, this past season, his 3 point percentage for the year would have been the 4th best percentage by any player for a season at OU that took 100 attempts. Only behind Heskett ('99), White ('03), and Grace ('87). And I could argue that do to the shear volume of shots he was forced to take at Arkansas, that his season was better than White and Grace for sure, and certainly comparable to Heskett.

When is the last time OU had a great 3 point shooter for consecutive years? I don't know the answer to that, but it's been too long. Clark is a sniper. Imagine him with Blake. Imagine the lanes he'd open up for Clark or even Blair.
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