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Default Re: Question for the board: Are refs allowing TY now to get fouled.....

Originally Posted by sperry View Post
Get out of here. There is a difference between athleticism and skill. Athleticism being your running, jumping, quick twitch, etc. The stuff a guy like Jamuni McNeace possesses in spades. That's different than what a guy like Trae Young possesses in spades, which are skills (i.e. the handle and the shot), as well as intelligence and vision.

So, as I was saying, Trae is NOT a great athlete. That's not a media narrative, it's just a fact. If you want to argue semantics against commonly accepted definitions, well that's bizarre.
Sperry, we don’t disagree often, but I think you may be wrong on this one. Trae is both an outstanding, if not great, athlete and a very skilled player. That combination is what makes him so special.

A point guard who can dribble through traffic, stop on a dime, lose a defender with a jock-dropping crossover move and finish at the rim with some incredible shots that seem to be routine for him has to be athletic. If that was not the case, everybody could do it. I’m also not sure how you can overlook the athleticism required to make shots from twenty five feet out, or make pinpoint passes the length of the floor?

Yes, skill is a big part of what TY does well. But to say he is not a great athlete is, IMHO, an oversight that also includes the things he does well on defense. I think he is a much better defender than he is given credit for. It’s true he takes a play off on defense sometimes, but he also makes plays that don’t always show up on the stat sheet.
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