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Well, we all know Sherri loves a 4-1 line-up with four guards who can shoot and rebound.

So anything wouldn't surprise me at this early stage.

However, I'm just not sold that EJ is a starter by conference. Maybe in the preseason.

While she has not really had a lot of playing time, I just don't think she's going to be the difference maker we need at the 5. I've just never been impressed with her performances. I just think Lampkin gets the nod there -- unless, she is shorter than her listed 6-4, as a number of you are now saying.

I'm reading between the lines using my own thinking, but I think Sherri may shake things up. I'm pretty sure Pellington starts, but really, if the new ladies pan out, she may be the first off the bench.

Times seem to be changing and I'm not so sure Sherri hasn't followed Bob and gotten a bit of a resurgence going on as she heads into what are likely to be her last 3-5 years coaching.
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