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Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember Sherri as having made the statement that she was looking for mobile posts who could get out and move. I think she made the remark with reference to Nydia. Bloom, who comes in next year, is a rather mobile 6-4 who likes to drive and face the rim.

Does that mean that she envisions Nydia as the prototype of the future post? That would seem to fly in the face of recruiting a 6-6 post like Kennedy Brown who, I think, is more traditional. But, I do get the feeling that Sherri wants to run. I would cite Arizona State and UCLA as examples, but I think she remembers Wooden, who only sat on his heels when he had Alcindor.

I wonder if we won't see a mix of styles with Nydia as the post when we play pressure and run? Williston and EJ would be more traditional. I don't see EJ as a running post. I think we may well get our post from these three with the rest of the team on the fly.

It strikes me that Williams, Shaina, Ana, Murcer, Tatum, and Taylor are more inclined to run and shoot.
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