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Default Re: Rank the Big XII Coaches

I thought I'd look at this from a statistical perspective.

How do you measure coaches? I would compare the coach's success to the historical success at the school. Did the win more or less?

So I looked at each coach's winning percentage compared to the 30-year average at each D1 school they have coached. Here are the results (NOT INCLUDING THIS YEAR):

Coach		Years	Win%	Value:
Frank Martin	2	64%	9.3%
Jeff Bzdelik	6	52%	8.9%
Mark Turgeon	11	59%	8.1%
Rick Barnes	22	66%	8.0%
Doc Sadler	5	64%	5.3%
Travis Ford	12	55%	4.2%
Bill Self	16	72%	4.1%
Mike Anderson	7	67%	3.7%
Greg McDermott	15	60%	3.2%
Scott Drew	7	49%	2.4%
Jeff Capel III	7	67%	1.6%
Pat Knight	2	41%	-12.7%
Who has out-performed expectations? Who were special cases? Self is a special case at Kansas; he is following a legend who skews the 30-year average very high. Scott Drew started from nothing at Baylor--he is much, much higher if you look at the program after he got it rolling.

Here's how I would rank the coaches:
1. Rick Barnes (Consistent winner)
2. Bill Self (Competing for titles)
3. Mark Turgeon (Consistently solid)
4. Scott Drew (Building a winner)
5. Scott Bzdelik (Wins a lot)
6. Frank Martin (Small sample size, though)
7. Mike Anderson (Solid Winner)
8. Travis Ford (Solid Winner)
9. Jeff Capel (Winner)
10. Doc Sadler (Winner)
11. Greg McDermott (Solid)
12. Pat Knight (Not solid)
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