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sybarite 11-15-2019 12:59 PM

MIssouri State






sybarite 11-19-2019 08:59 AM

Re: MIssouri State
11/17 #23 MInnesota, which Missouri State upset in Minneapolis in the first game, ripped #15 Arizona State in Minneapolis, 80-66.

TulsaWorld 11-19-2019 03:24 PM

Re: MIssouri State
Sorry that I haven't visited you all yet this season, but Eric Bailey caught up with Coach Coale to talk about the start of the season, so wanted to share:


How much does four games (one exhibition, three regular-season games) of film help the Sooners?

“It's monumental. It's one thing to show practice film. It's another thing to show the principles that we've been teaching from day one. Let me show a clip. What principles did we fail to adhere to on this possession? Oh, so maybe that was us and not them. Maybe we did have more control over this than we thought. Maybe life didn't just happen to us. Maybe we played a role in that and so getting them to connect those dots is really important in the film study.”

How much is new assistant coach Jackie Stiles helping the team’s defense?

“Jackie is a bulldog toward whatever it is she's doing. She gets obsessed – with her work ethic as a player scoring as a Division 1 player – and her job with defense so she's watching it every day after practice. She's going through every rep of film and she's finding all the little crevices and honing in on them. And I think that's just an attribute of her as an individual. That's who she is and that's what she brings.”

scrybe 11-19-2019 05:57 PM

Re: MIssouri State
Thanks, TW. I really appreciate your contributions.

TulsaWorld 11-20-2019 08:54 AM

Re: MIssouri State

Originally Posted by scrybe (Post 636927)
Thanks, TW. I really appreciate your contributions.

I'll drop in when we have more to share!

sybarite 11-27-2019 04:59 AM

Re: MIssouri State
Missouri State is now 6-1 having beaten #23 Minnesota in Minneapolis. The only loss was to #7 Oregon State in Corvallis. Minnesota is now beginning to beat some people. They are 5-1 having lost only to Missouri State. Beat Arizona State. But, they haven't played off their own court yet. Will go to Notre Dame Dec 4.

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