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womenssports 11-08-2019 01:32 AM

the associate and assistant coaches
Probably to early to answer this, but maybe some of you have seen a practice and the exhibition game and/or are in the know: so are Coquise, Jackie and or Colton having an impact on the players? Does Sherri let the other coaches coach or does she micro-manage? I am just curious. I am not going to argue about the team or coaches, just attempting to obtain some early insight. Or maybe some of you will have opinions as we get a few games into the season.

sybarite 11-08-2019 03:38 AM

Re: the associate and assistant coaches
From watching TV, you couldn't tell much. Nobody moved except during timeouts, and they showed commercials rather than the huddles. During the game, Sherri was the only one who stood up.

Jan Ross sat next to the scoring table and seemed to be keeping some stats. She often consulted with the official scorer.

Jackie Stiles sat next to her. I did notice that during one timeout early, she was talking to Gabby. I don't think Gabby had been in the game much, if at all at the time.

Coquese Washington sat between Jackie and Sherri.

Sherri sat between Coquese and Coltan. Only Sherri moved during the game. The others stood up during timeouts. Since they didn't show them, I don't know how much they contributed.

Sherri seemed to be most concerned with Lemon and Mandy. She did seem to be irritated with Jessi when she pulled her once. Mistakes.

Keep in mind that this was an exhibition game, and Gabby and Mandy were the only two players to play 25 minutes. Taylor played 24, Ana and Kamryn Lemon, 22, Madi, 21. Tatum, Jessi, and Nydia played 17. Aspen and Chloe got five each. For the most part, they were watching kids go through the paces.

When Arkansas played OCU, they played their starters:
and their #6 man 23:13

And, it was the second game for Arkansas, first for OCU. OCU outrebounded Arkansas.

womenssports 11-08-2019 11:22 AM

Re: the associate and assistant coaches
Thanks for response, Syb. Appreciate any other insight that others may want to provide, either now or later.

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