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  1. Kansas Jayhawks?
  2. Cade Davis = Worst Shooter on the team.
  3. You can put Quin as my avatar
  4. OSU won the Big XII Cross Country Title
  5. mike leach
  6. Perhaps...
  7. I feel sorry for the saps that bought season tickets
  8. texas
  9. Soonersam!
  10. Oconnells and Norman
  11. Landthieves.com
  12. Question(s) for Sam...
  13. Rotnei Clarke may leave Arkansas; interesting tidbit about his recruitment
  14. I want to shoot all of you in the face
  15. Masters Sunday
  16. Jurick signs with Oklahoma State.... OSU joins the fray.
  17. How is Bin Laden liking those virgins?
  18. The Sooner Nation demands an apology, sys.
  19. Will Rory finish it off this time? (US Open)
  20. 17 years ago today - White Bronco
  21. This will keep me happy 'til basketball starts
  22. Am I the only one who is sick of football?
  23. OSU loses to Pitt
  24. I know this is a basketball board, but...
  25. Strange ruling
  26. Lob Stilly's finest in picture form
  27. Ryder Cup
  28. Osu gets worked by VaTech..
  29. Boone buys 4k tickets for the Gonzaga game
  30. Slightly Off Topic
  31. Stevie arrested again...
  32. College Athletes are Employees
  33. Tulsa Billionaire Becomes Thunder co-owner
  34. The NBA Playoffs/Thunder/Blake Thread
  35. Uh Oh, Clippers owner
  36. Is everybody done defending him now?
  37. Forte
  38. Surprised there is no SAE discussion
  39. Redshirts take unique path in world of college athletics
  40. Post Game Celebration Slur
  41. Harrison about Kaminsky during post game
  42. Politically Correct Hypocrisy taught at college campuses?
  43. Jim Harbough
  44. Percy Sledge dies in Baton Rouge at age 73
  45. Appropriate Report for April 15th
  46. what a shocker! Faux news = lying sacks of dung
  47. 20 years later, some lessons learned from OKC bombing
  48. Clinton Corruption....
  49. Nice job conservatives!
  50. Tricky Dick ... the rumors were true
  51. Interesting Article on Oklahoma Earth Quakes
  52. Baltimore Riots
  53. Iran takes cargo ship
  54. Scott Walker and John Doe Investigations
  55. Coolm?
  56. Tamir Rice
  57. Not paranoid idiots?
  58. Denver Police Officer feeds family
  59. For Coolm - Container Homes
  60. uhm, what about this republicans?
  61. and then there's Issa
  62. Rubioís money man
  63. Veterans should sell cookies to fund their healthcare?
  64. B.B. King dies at age 89
  65. DEA to 22 year old Traveler: Thanks. Iíll Take That Cash
  66. Something the Federal Government Should Address
  67. Link for Denver
  68. Confederate Flag = Nazi Flag = Fox News
  69. Iran nuclear deal reached
  70. 217,724 Permit Holders in Oklahoma
  71. Trump appeal broad
  72. What golf courses have you played?
  73. Sales Tax Holiday Set for August 7-9, 2015
  74. Journalist and interviewee shot on live television
  75. Dr. Ben Carson
  76. 2015 Sooner Football Thread
  77. SMU Baylor is like a high school game
  78. Dick Cheney warns against Iran deal
  79. Freddie Gray family gets $6.4 million
  80. Russian tanks, artillery, aircraft, etc being deployed in Syria
  81. Sky Zone Edmond
  82. What could possibly go wrong?
  83. Thoughts on the OU-Tulsa Football Game
  84. Today....Texas or osu?
  85. Donald Trump tax plan----- thoughts?
  86. Fake Benghazi "Investigstion" Exposed
  87. Obama's Speech following Oregon massacre
  88. It's texas week...
  89. Mike Leach vs Lincoln Riley
  90. What Bernie Sanders is offering
  91. One of the best football plays you will ever see!
  92. 2014 Mid Terms and 2016
  93. Funny link for all
  94. University of Mo. football players
  95. Turkish F-16 shoots down Russian SU-24
  96. Ty Darlington, OU Sooner
  97. Questions for you computer gurus
  98. Ryan Broyles lives like he made $60,000 last year, and not $600,000
  99. OU Football Recruiting
  100. Non OU Related
  101. What in the heck is this? Norman North Wrestling
  102. Johnny Manziel flames out
  103. All Spanish Pandora ads?
  104. Dodge Ball on Trampolines!
  105. Well....it's Trump vs. Hillary
  106. Title IX News from KU (Kansas Jayhawks)
  107. If you've ever been at least intrigued with fly fishing for trout...
  108. Live Football Stadium Construction Cam & Photos
  109. Baltimore Cop not guilty
  110. Brexit panic fades fast
  111. NCAA Rule Books to Various Sports | Links
  112. Clean (Non-Political) Joke Thread
  113. Michael Phelps
  114. **** you, colin kaepernick
  115. Should Kansas football go gimmick?
  116. SoonerSports: Taking the Title for TJH
  117. Dysfunction: Boren & Big-12 Expansion
  118. Mustang Basketball Coach Resigns
  119. Nostalgia Thread
  120. What happened?
  121. Celebration in Miami
  122. This Joe Mixon thing.....
  123. Buzz Williams/National Anthem Respect
  124. Billy Sim's BBQ
  125. OU Football: Big 12 Policy Change Opens Up More Season Tickets
  126. USA Today: NCAA Annual Athletics Revenue & Expense Data
  127. Sue Bird Announcement Made Me Wonder
  128. Zion Williamson Mixtape
  129. Dumb
  130. Article by DeDe Westbrook (12-27-2017)
  131. Great story on Ahmad Thomas meeting birth family
  132. Baker Mayfield's Players Tribune: "Thank you, Oklahoma"
  133. NFL combine
  134. OU Spring Football
  135. It's official: New OU president
  136. Early voting for Oklahoma primary election begins today
  137. OU debt coverage
  138. OU President cuts/reorganized executives on 1st day
  139. Aaron Calixte
  140. LSU Uniforms pay tribute to missed season due to WW1
  141. (OU Football) NOT a 5-Star Recruit
  142. Kyler Murray Wins Heisman .. OU's 7th
  143. How Rickey Dixon learned HOF honors, from Barry Switzer and his wife
  144. Clemson could beat the Browns?
  145. Baker Mayfield releases clothing line to benefit Special Olympics
  146. Austin Kendall entering transfer portal, exploring options to leave Sooners
  147. OU president on giving Lincoln Riley raise while OU cutting costs
  148. NFL Draft declarations
  149. Sooners release spring football schedule
  150. 2019 Oklahoma Sooner Baseball
  151. FCA Recognizes Scott Drew with John Lotz Award
  152. OU Moving Spring Football Game to Friday Night
  153. 14 of the greatest winning streaks in NCAA history
  154. OU football offseason updates
  155. Sooner Schooner update
  156. James Winchester family celebration after Super Bowl win tribute to father
  157. March Madness and Covid-19
  158. unmoderated Covid-19 and/or politics
  159. Covid and politics
  160. USS Oklahoma
  161. Can you guys explain some Trump things to me?
  162. Current Events Thread
  163. What are you drinking?
  164. bwahahahahaha
  165. So...
  166. woot woot!!
  167. Yahoo!!!!
  168. Eielson: Covid and the Kiddos
  169. What Are You Watching?
  170. Air