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11-18-2008 until 12-19-2018
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#1 "Smack talk" is permitted on this forum, but please post with respect and civility at all times. Personal attacks, name-calling directed at other posters, coaches and players will not be tolerated. Negative rumors towards players are also prohibited.

#2 Please keep your posts “Rated G,” as inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Do not attempt to circumvent this rule by substituting symbols or omitting letters. A good rule of thumb is if you’re not sure of a word or phrase, don’t post it.

#3 Please do not copy and paste premium articles from other pay sites such as Rivals, Scout or ESPN. There is no rule/law prohibiting you from discussing the content of premium articles from other sites, as long as you do not copy/paste their material. However, be warned that you could be banned by a premium board if they discover you are summarizing their articles.

#4. Please limit the discussions to OU and college basketball only. NBA threads and posts are not permitted at this time. That may change as we continue to grow and attempt to give our members the best possible online fan board experience.

#5. Please contact a moderator or administrator with questions regarding locked threads, deleted posts or banned users. Do not post them on the board.

#6. Please do not bring arguments/issues with moderator staffs or users at other websites (i.e.,OUInsider) to this board.
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